Volunteer hugging horse
Keisha, a teen volunteer

Volunteering here has helped me overcome my shyness and also helped me grow as a person. I've realized how hard it can be for a disabled person to get things done.

Mom and baby horse feeding
Lara F., Mom of daughter with autism

I'm so tired of programs for autistic kids that what they are offering is so resistible. It makes them want to run away. This program they are running towards it. What do schools offer? Programs so resistible!

Special needs individual with autism riding a horse
Tyler's mom: Son, non-verbal, autism spectrum

Tyler has come out of his 'autism' and learned to focus on the task at hand. When he has to find and catch his horse, put a halter on him, lead him along, groom and saddle up, there's little opportunity to space out if you want to have a lesson!

Carrots used by individuals including those with special needs to feed horses.
A clinical social worker

I have personally observed the interaction between the autistic consumers, the horses and the whole barn environment. To me, it is like magic to see the equalizing effect this environment and the horses provide for these consumers.

cartoon of horseback riding
Parents of son with ADHD/Autism

Using the horses as part of the therapeutic process, we were pleasantly surprised to see the improvements in his body posture and balance skills. He started being concerned about respecting others' personal space and having more consideration.

horse face closeup
Mom of daughter

I love that she loves riding because so much of the time she is resistant to activities and therapies that we are participating in.