Corporate Team Building

Projects are available for your corporate team building retreat! Build your team while building a local nonprofit, 501(c)3 Ranch.

How does it work?

  • We provide the project venue, mid-morning break and fabulous Ranch style Barbecue lunch.
  • You provide your team and project money to purchase materials and contractor oversight. It's that simple!
  • Please call (831) 761-1142 or email - for further details or to set up a time to visit and see the potential benefit for your group.

Current projects available for you group

Install gymnasium siding

This is a fun, rewarding project. All struts are up - all that is needed is the paneling and people power to lift and hammer into place. Being part of actually building something is extremely rewarding. Your team will absolutely love this experience.

Contact us with our corporate teambuilding contact form: Contact Us